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The Choose Life Hot Rod Project
was established in 2009 by Jamie Rosemergy after the tragic loss of his younger brother Rhys to suicide. Its goal is to highlight and support the many suicide prevention agencies that exist in New Zealand by promoting their services throughout the country.
To promote these services and capture the community’s attention a 1971 XY Fairmont has been chosen to be completely rebuilt and customised with a Choose Life theme.  This vehicle will be designed to travel to schools and major national events.  Prevention agencies will also attend these events with the vehicle promoting their message of support and hope while providing resource material to the community.

The project has been adopted by the Whangarei Lions and is under their umbrella and charitable trust. The project has also received support from Life Line and Youthline New Zealand as well as many national and local businesses.

 In New Zealand we lose on average 520 people to suicide a year and just fewer than 3000 people spend more than 48 hours in hospital due to injuries from self harm. 

Countdown is on for this awesome event!

Please see link below for some snapshots of last years Contractors show for a sneak peak of whats to come on Saturday 14th..... :-)  Thank you, see you there!


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